C-1 Run Up Area


The apron between A8 and TXLN-C and TXLN-N experiences some of the highest volume of ground traffic on the airport.

Aircraft that perform run-ups near C-1, but outside of the run up area, may create confusion and add to an already congested area.
Proper aircraft position is critical to maintain safety and efficient flow of aircraft, particularly as they use the run-up are, or transition.
Help us keep operations moving and confusion to a minimum. Follow these easy guidelines when using the C-1 run-up area:
  • When using the C-1 run-up area, position aircraft perpendicular to the south edge of the payment, with the nose of the aircraft pointing northeast.
  • Position as close to the grass as safety permits. It is permissible for the aircraft’s tail to overhang the grass.
  • If departing RWY 17L,  please request use of the NORTH RUN-UP area. Alternatively, request use of the SOUTH RUN-UP area for a RWY 35R departure.