Fly Quiet Program

Balancing the needs of the airport with the needs of the community.

Centennial Airport's Fly Quiet Program was created through a partnership with the Centennial Airport Community Noise Roundtable. This voluntary noise abatement program is designed to help minimize the impact of airport and aircraft noise through the use of pilot education and awareness.
The Fly Quiet Program provides comprehensive guidance for pilots to use specified quiet flight and operating procedures developed by the local airport authorities, the airlines, and Air Traffic Controllers. Fly Quiet information inserts are distributed to pilots, flight schools and air traffic controllers, and contain information on preferred runways and flight tracks which route aircraft over the least populated areas — such as highways, as well as commercial and industrial areas. 
To download Centennial Airport's VOLUNTARY noise abatement program, please click HERE.
It's important to remember the Fly Quiet program is VOLUNTARY, and in all cases safety and ATC Instructions will take precedence.

Centennial Airport General Guidelines:

  • Traffic pattern altitude is 6,885 ft. MSL (1,000 ft. AGL)
  • Take off and climb at best angle (Vx) to 500 ft. AGL, then assume best rate (Vy)
  • On departure, reduce prop RPM as soon as possible. On arrival, maintain consistent prop RPM until on short final for landing
  • Please attempt to remain South of Arapahoe Rd. on arrival and departures if possible
  • Avoid Intersection take-offs
  • If possible, aircraft should avoid noise sensitive areas and depicted in green on the Noise Sensitive Areas map (download below)
  • Terrain rises significantly to the south, southwest and west of Centennial Airport. Adjust altitude accordingly
  • Stage 2 aircraft over 70,000 pounds not allowed. Preferred operating hours for allowable Stage 2 aircraft are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • NOTE: All Stage 1 and Stage 2 aircraft operations will not be permitted in the United States after Dec. 15, 2015.

NBAA Noise Abatement Guidelines -