Introduction to Part 150

Airport Noise Compatibility Planning

Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 150 is a voluntary federal program that sets national standards for analysis. Centennial Airport is one of more than 250 airports that have participated in this process. The process provides access to federal funding to implement noise compatibility program measures if, through the study, it is determined they are needed.

Noise compatibility planning, under Part 150, includes two elements:

  • Noise Exposure Map (NEM)
  • Noise Compatibility Program (NCP)

Noise Exposure Map (NEM) – an NEM Update is the study that is currently underway by the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority
The NEM process identifies airport layout and operations, land uses in the airport environs, noise/land use compatibility, and aircraft related noise exposure contour maps. The process must provide information for two time frames: the Base Year/Year of Submission (2016), and the Forecast Year/Five-Year Forecast (2021).

Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) – Centennial Airport is not updating the NCP at this time and therefore, it is not part of the current NEM Update process.
The NCP process includes proposed actions to minimize existing and future noise/land use incompatibilities including noise abatement measures, noise mitigation or compensation measures, preventive land use measures, and program management measures. The FAA published the Record of Approval in 2008, which included twelve recommended measures and 8 FAA-approved measures.

The current FAA-approved NCP measures include:

  • 010 degree departure at night
  • Elimination of preferential runway use
  • Amend community plans and zoning ordinances
  • Establish noise abatement office
  • Noise monitoring system
  • Develop Fly Quiet program
  • Operations review and Part 150 Update – in process
  • Establish follow-up Roundtable/committee recommendation

To view the 2008 FAA Record of Approval (ROA) click here.