NEW: An important message from Airport Director Robert Olislagers


To our valued customers and friends—

As the world, and the airport, attempt to slowly awaken from this nightmare, we are constantly reminded of the terrible death toll, the economic devastation and the expectation of a “second wave” caused by the coronavirus. For those who lost a family member or friend during this time, we mourn with you, and even if it was not due to the virus, it likely prevented you from saying goodbye, hold a hand, or remember them the way they should. We are with you.

Transportation and hospitality took the biggest hit from the impacts of the coronavirus. Airlines saw reductions upwards of 96 percent in passenger loads, while airports faced operational declines between 70 and 90 percent. The support industry did even worse due to complete shutdowns either from regulatory control or lack of business. Restaurants shut down completely save for the occasional take-out order. Unemployment has reached Depression-era volumes, and no amount of federal money will cure the long-term effects except for getting back to business and being prepared for the next pandemic.

We see a lot of heroics too; from frontline doctors, nurses, and support staff to first responders. We too see volunteers at foodbanks working tirelessly, and all types flocking to their sewing machines Rosie the Riveter-style. Thank you! While society is eager to return to some normalcy, healthcare professionals remind us to remain vigilant of a “second wave” of infections. Incubation times take 2-14 days, and asymptomatic carriers can infect a lot of people before showing any obvious signs of illness, if any. So, please be mindful this is not over yet; be vigilant and keep complacency at bay.  

Centennial Airport, despite significant declines in revenue, will come back stronger and better and so will most of our businesses. As the economy opens back up, General Aviation is expected to see a surge in activity. Corporations will flock to GA instead of flying their most important assets on airlines to see clients or close deals until this virus is figured out and a vaccine or antibody has been developed. The pilot, mechanics, and air traffic controller shortage will still be there. And, we look forward to having a meal or raise a toast in the company of others at the Perfect Landing once again. Until then, be well!

Blue skies,