ATTN PILOTS: What you need to know abut ATC "Zero"

Air Traffic Control (ATC) services around the U.S. have recently been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus resulting in air traffic control shutdowns in Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas with local ATC going “Zero.” ATC Zero means an airport is “uncontrolled” and will rely on pilots communicating with each other via the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF). Though rare, and never seen before at APA, it is entirely possible, given the extraordinary circumstances we live in today. Should ATC “Zero” take hold at APA, the CTAF frequency will the APA Tower frequency 118.9.

Until further notice, Centennial Airport will remain open and operational 24/7.

However, in the event that “ATC Zero” is initiated at APA, the airport will notify tenants and users via Everbridge. Notice will also be posted on ATIS, 303-799-6722, unless there is an emergency requiring immediate evacuation of the ATC tower.