Welcome to the virtual boardroom

In accordance with state public health requirements for social distancing, the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority has announced that meetings of the Airport Board of Commissioners will take place in a virtual setting, via GoToMeeting™ technology.

By using this technology, the public and interested parties may join the meeting online and will be able to provide comments that will be of record. Parties wishing to provide remarks as part of the regularly scheduled public comment portion of the meeting, or as part of the public hearing, may submit comments and question using the "RAISE HAND" feature within the GoToMeeting™ platform.

**ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENTPersons interested in attending this public meeting virtually and needing special accommodations should contact the Director of Administration at least two working days prior to the meeting at the email highlighted above.
If you wish to participate in the virtual board meeting, please see the highlighted information buttons included on this page.