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Welcome to Centennial Airport. Below, you'll find a directory of pilot services and information. We've got four award-winning FBOs to serve you, as well as on-airfield catering, 24/7 FAA ATC, and 'round-the-clock on-site security and operations.



Gate cards may be renewed through the mail, online, or in person, Monday - Friday,  between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Applicants must complete the attached registration form and meet the following requirements:

Click here to download the application form: Access Card and Vehicle Registration Form 

Reason for access:

On the attached application, please check the box that best describes your reason for access, and provide the appropriate documentation for that category as listed below:

  • Based Aircraft Owner - May provide a copy of one of the following: Aircraft registration, FAA website printout, letter of agreement or aircraft lease agreement from a bank or financial institution.
  • Hangar Owner/Lessee (non-aircraft owner) - Ownership or lessee documents.
  • Authorized Pilot - Letter of authorization from aircraft owner.
  • Licensed Commercial Operator or Part 91 Flight Department - If the card(s) is used for a company-owned vehicle(s), a list of vehicles used in the conduct of business. If the card(s) is used for an employee-owned vehicle(s), a letter of authorization for employees approved to have a gate card.
  • Service Operator (such as delivery or trash collection) - Letter from a company representative on company letterhead explaining the need for access.
  • Government Agency - As approved by ACPAA.
  • Other - As approved by ACPAA.
  • Proof of Insurance:
  • Provide a PROOF OF INSURANCE card or DECLARATIONS PAGE meeting the minimum Colorado state requirements for each vehicle desiring access to the apron. Licensed Commercial Operators must provide a DECLARATIONS PAGE or CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE with a minimum insurance liability of $500,000 bodily injury and property damage.

Drivers license:

Provide a copy of a valid state driver's license for the primary cardholder.


A $25.00 fee is assessed for each access card. No charge for the first two vehicle decals, additional and replacement vehicle decals are $2.00. The annual renewal fee is $20.00 for the first two cards and $5.00 for each additional card.

Only vehicles bearing a valid decal are authorized on the Airport Apron Area. All unauthorized vehicles may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Access cards are renewed annually.

Should you have any questions concerning vehicle registration, please contact Airport Operations at 303-790-0598.

Centennial Airport Vehicle Safety Rules:

In order to provide and maintain a safe and secure Airport Operations Area (AOA), the Airport Authority requires that at all times, vehicle operators adhere to these basic vehicle safety rules:

1. Vehicles may not exceed 20 miles per hour on the AOA. Also, yield to pedestrians and emergency equipment.

2. Vehicles entering the AOA must be registered with the Airport Authority and display an authorized silver and blue airport decal on their rear window.

3. Persons may not loan their gate card(s) to another party, nor may they bring unauthorized vehicles onto the AOA.

4. Unless approved or escorted by Airport Operations, motor homes and trailers of any kind are not permitted on the AOA. In addition to posing a hazard to taxiing aircraft, trailers can cause access gates to close prematurely, possibly resulting in damage to your vehicle and trailer or the access gate itself.

5. Vehicles may never pass around an operating aircraft, except to the rear.

6. Vehicles may not follow a taxiing aircraft closer than 100 feet.

7. Vehicles must always yield to aircraft on the AOA.

8. Vehicles parked in non-hangared tie-downs should be parked between the tie-down cables parallel to other aircraft. Please do not park in other tenant's tie-down spots or block access to someone else's aircraft. DO NOT PARK WITHIN THE OBJECT FREE AREA.

9. Vehicles are not permitted on the west ramp taxilane between A-1 and A-8 or the south ramp taxilane between C-1 and C-8, unless going directly to your aircraft. Please follow the painted vehicle access road.

10. All vehicle operators are required to comply with the directives of Airport Authority personnel.

Please obey all traffic signs. Your cooperation in following these rules while operating your vehicle on the AOA is greatly appreciated. Doing so contributes greatly to your safety and that of others. Should you have any questions, please contact Airport Authority at 303-790-0598.