How to contact the FAA regarding aircraft noise

The FAA's mission is to ensure the safe and efficient use of our nation's airspace, unlike that of the airport which is responsible for all things on the ground. Once an aircraft departs Centennial Airport, it enters the national airspace and thus comes under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviaition Administration. We've gathered some resources from the FAA to make it easier to reach out regarding noise concerns. 

FAA Hotline

These online resources may be used to be used for any general SAFETY inquiries, including reporting any low-flying aircraft concern IF you know the tail number of the aircraft.  If you don’t have the tail number of the aircraft, then report through the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) located below.


To be used to report low-flying aircraft concerns/inquiries WITHOUT knowing tail number.


FAA NW Mountain Region Noise Portal

This is part of the FAA's public outrach program to work with the community regarding aircraft noise concerns. It may be used for noise complaints directly to the FAA