Arapahoe sign availability

Learn more about this EXTREMELY RARE advertising space available on the Centennial Airport Arapahoe Road sign.

General information:

Centennial Airport's Arapahoe Road sign has been a familiar icon for many years, showcasing some of our most enduring tenants that directly serve aircraft and the aviation business community. Now, a very rare opportunity to advertise on this sign has opened. In order to be fair to all interested—and qualified—tenants, the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority will conduct a drawing to name the new advertiser.

Airport tenants must formally indicate their interest in—and understanding of—the requirements by completing an online form by March 4 at 5 p.m. MT. This form will build a population of interested tenants for a live drawing to be held on March 5 at 10 a.m. MT via Facebook LIVE. Tenants not selected will be immediately added to a waitlist for the next availability.

Requirements to participate:

  • Must be a current Centennial Airport tenant in good standing
  • Qualified tenants are limited to commercial operators in direct support of aircraft and the general aviation business community
  • Must agree to and sign an advertising agreement
  • Agree to airport terms and conditions for sign quality and design
  • Agree to be responsible for all sign design and material costs, as well as installation cost

Sign specifications:

  • Requires two signs (west-facing and east-facing)
  • Materials must be durable and weather-proof, and match existing polycarbonate signage
  • Panel dimensions ( 96" wide by 37" high)
  • May use design form/manufacturer of choice, providing design and material meets airport specifications.

Review and compliance 

All signs are subject to inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines. Signs may be inspected for content compliance and to ensure quality is maintained. This includes sign structure, paint or finish, applied materials, vinyl lettering, fasteners, and such. Written notification will be sent in the event a sign is found to be in need of repair. 


For questions or assistance, please contact:

Gina Conley, C.M.
Airport Senior Planner