Airport signage application

Centennial Airport is a great place to do business, and quality signage is an important part of getting customers to your door. 

General information

Centennial Airport's tenant signage guidelines are designed to promote a complete signage program that will help the public navigate the airport efficiently and with minimum confusion.

Signage on airport property is restricted to airport tenants ONLY.

We encourage tenants to be creative when designing signage but to keep the immediate needs of airport users and visitors in mind.

Signage must:

  • Provide an effective source of needed information
  • Maintain a quality of design that is compatible with the aesthetics of the airport
  • Be of good taste and be manufactured of fine materials

Sign submittal and airport approval

Tenants are required to follow a simple submittal process for all proposed signs. Tenants must also have written approval of the airport senior planner prior to installation. The approval process applies to all new signage as well as replacement signage.

Any signs not having proper written approval should not be installed. Those installed without approval are subject to immediate removal. Temporary signs and banners must also be submitted for review and approval.

Review and compliance 

All signs are subject to inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines. Signs may be inspected for content compliance and to ensure quality is maintained. This includes sign structure, paint or finish, applied materials, vinyl lettering, fasteners, and such. Written notification will be sent in the event a sign is found to be in need of repair. 


Signage design is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

For questions or assistance, please contact:

Gina Conley, C.M.
Airport Senior Planner